Healthcare & Medical Cleaning Service

We give the best Healthcare & Medical Services

We work with a variety of different healthcare practices including dental surgeries, doctor surgeries, medical centres, cosmetic and hospitals.

We knows its of vital importance to provide a safe and cleaning environment to you healthcare clients. We offer all types of specialized healthcare cleaning services which meet and exceed the standards issues by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Tiger Cleaning provides ISO 9001 for the quality management system that result in client satisfaction, improved efficiency, competitive advantages and reduced operating costs.

We care for the environment at Tiger Cleaning and try to source environmentally friendly products and have an environmental management system. We strive to a commitment to high standard and continuous improvement.  

Our healthcare cleaner has the highest levels of sanitation and highest levels of cleaning. We offer daily clinical cleaning services. Our staff cost COSHH and offer the safe use of cleaning chemicals. Your customers and staff will reap the benefits of the super clean practice.

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