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The decision to choose a cleaning service from Tiger Cleaning in Hemel Hempstead is significant. Since you are conducting an interview, you should approach the procedure
similarly. You are allowing someone into your most intimate and private place and entrusting them with your most priceless items when you hire a person or house cleaning service. In addition to the price per visit, Tiger Cleaning would like to ensure the visit meets the customer requirements. Make sure you take the time to assess your options for house cleaning services and select one that best suits your unique requirements.

Does your Commercial Cleaning company carry insurance?

It is crucial that you ask this question. Even though your property insurance gives you some protection against someone getting wounded on your property, it is typically fairly limited and typically only covers up to £1,000,000. Most of the time, it might be sufficient, but to further reduce your risks, a Professional ware House Cleaner should carry insurance. They ought to have full coverage auto insurance, workman  compensation, and a general liability policy at the very least. The insurance that you should seriously consider is workman compensation, even if it might be the most expensive for them to carry. Without this insurance, if someone gets wounded while working for you, you can be liable for not just their medical bills but also their lost wages while they are off work. A competent service provider should be able to produce proof of insurance upon request, making hiring a house cleaner trouble-free.

Will the new cleaning service you hired provide a guarantee?

The majority of service providers lack any sort of official written guarantee. The reliable
businesses will. Request a copy of their assurance; it ought to be available online at the very least. If you get in touch with the service provider within a certain amount of time, typically a 3 day Cleaning guarantee, a strong guarantee will provide you a thorough re-clean of any things that weren’t cleaned properly during your scheduled cleaning. Your visit on the day set out for it can also be guaranteed by reputable service providers. Your team will undoubtedly be present on the day you are scheduled to be cleaned, even if it is Friday every other week. Nobody enjoys it when they have everything ready for the cleaner to arrive but they don’t.

How many staff will clean your house? Will they always be the same people?

It may not seem like an obvious issue, but if the answer is yes, who will be there when they are ill, you have a busy weekend coming up, and you now have a huge house to clean on top of everything else you could bare to get done. Choose a business that sends the same employees each time, and they should operate in teams of at least two but ideally three. In this manner, even if one of the team members is ill, at least one will have already cleaned your house when they arrive that day. Additionally, it lessens cancellations. The finest teams to work in are three-person teams because they can quickly enter and exit your home. When businesses hire lone cleaners, the person may spend close to half a day in a normal property. This is less than ideal for a number of obvious reasons.

Do I need anything for the clean? Do you need to bring anything with you?

You want to opt for a business that offers all cleaning products, tools, and supplies. This will
prevent you from frantically searching for supplies if you run out of something. Once more, the key takeaway is that you want a straightforward, trouble-free experience. Inquire further about cross-contamination rules. Color coding and policies that prevent contaminating clean surfaces will be included in a reputable cleaning service.
Additionally, find out if your Cleaner will use environmentally friendly cleaning products. There is a wide range of green hues, however there are far superior alternatives to conventional bleach, ammonia, and different petrochemicals. Encourage better.

How will the individuals hired to clean your property be screened to clean you property?

A smart business will have a procedure in place for employing fresh talent. An application
should be the first step in that procedure, followed by a phone interview and then an in-person interview. Verifying prior employment and reference checks are essential. Background checks should be performed. If they are qualified for employment in the UK, their social security number should be traced along with an identity verification and credit check. You should also check your driving record and car. This is the bare minimum you should demand; a thorough background check should also include a 7 or 10 panel drug test. All of these tests are intended to select out the most blatantly unsuitable applicants. Although it is far from ideal, it does offer a way to gauge how diligently your service provider is working to keep you, their brand-new customer, safe.

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