Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Home This Winter

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In the winter, we tend to close windows and even weather-seal them, and this
can feel a little stifling, especially when it is time to clean. But, when mud, dirt,
snow, and salt get tracked in, avoiding cleaning can become a messy
problem. How do we deep clean when the winter hits? A big part is: be
Set yourself and your space up for success by building a regular pre-winter
routine, and then maintain it through the winter. Squirrels store nuts, and
bears pack on the pounds for the winter; here’s what you can do to get ready
for your winter hibernation.

Clean the Chimney

If you have a fireplace or stove, be proactive in cleaning it before the cold
requires it to be used. Test the fireplace and flue to make sure everything is in
good condition and working order so you aren’t put into an emergency
situation when you need heat and can’t get it. (Or when you are ready to
cuddle but can’t get the flames going.)

Change Your Furnace Filter

Likewise, test your furnace before you need it to be sure it is working properly.
Change the filter and be ready for the cold nights. A tune-up is always a good

Clear the Entrance

Make space for wintery clothes at the entrance to your home. Use rubber-
backed mats, runners, and shoe trays to catch the snow and mud before it is
tracked into the house. Maintain the area with regular checks and floor care to
reduce tripping hazards and dirt.

Channel Your Creativity

Deep cleaning in the winter is possible and is even preferable when outdoors
is too unpleasant to enjoy. Winter is a great time to work on detailed projects
such as cleaning grout, baseboards, door jams, lighting fixtures, refrigerators,
or other large appliances (without the use of harsh chemicals).

Get creative and hunker down into a deep cleaning project you’ve been putting
off. Organizing and sorting through clutter does wonders for your mental
health as well. And a nice clean space is a great way to kick off the new year
with a sense of accomplishment.

Celebrate Togetherness

Winter holidays are a time many people connect with others. Whether hosting
or joining family or connecting with friends or organizations, it is the season of
giving and receiving. This can be a great excuse to do some holiday cleaning
or volunteer to help another person with deep cleaning tasks.
If regular, ongoing cleaning tasks don’t bring you joy, consider letting them go
into the professional and competent hands of Tiger Cleaning. An award-
winning cleaning company serving the Hemel Hempstead , London and the
South East of England, contact us today for a quote and spend your time on
the relationships and tasks that matter most to you.

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